3D Fundamentals Tutorial 5

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In this video we find out what's the deal with triangles, and how we deal with the pointy little fuckers and make them our bitch.


The tutorial video is on YouTube here.

  • Why do we want to draw triangles? 0:20
  • How to render a 3D polygon on a 2D screen 2:49
  • Drawing a simple triangle 4:48
  • Rasterization rules (we follow Direct3D 10/11+) 9:47
  • Coding it up, adding DrawTriangle() functions in Graphics.h 13:33
  • Math for splitting vertices of a general triangle 15:39
  • Determening Major Left or Major Right trait of splitted triangles 19:19
  • Drawing Flat Top and Flat Bottom triangles 20:13
  • Design of outer and inner loop for drawing along scanlines 24:15
  • Test drawing our cube with triangles instead of lines 26:50


The GitHub repository for the tutorial code is here.

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