3D Fundamentals Tutorial 9

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In this tutorial we incorporate our first shader stage into the 3D pipeline: the pixel shader stage. We also explore some basic example pixel shaders (more heavy-duty stuff to come later).


The tutorial video is on YouTube here.

  • What is a Pixel Shader and why is it used? 0:20
  • We want to make color mapping of the triangles in the rendering pipeline configurable
  • One way is to use templated function objects (functors) as "plug-in" code
  • These functors determine the color of the pixel based on their input
  • Refactoring of the gfx.PutPixel(...) function in Pipeline.h 2:04
  • This is where we are ultimately determining the color of the pixel
  • Inside the PutPixel function, we want to call a shader object that defines the coloring behavior
  • Implementation of the programmable pixel shader stage in the pipeline 3:11
  • We template the pipeline class on an <class Effect>
  • We will adjust the definition of the Vertex class depending on what effect we are using
  • We adjust gfx.PutPixel(...) to take a pixel shader object, and call the function operator with the interpolated Vertex data:
gfx.PutPixel( x,y,effect.ps( iLine ) );


The GitHub repository for the tutorial code is here.

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