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The advanced series is a continuation of the Intermediate C++ Game Programming Series. If you find yourself having a hard time grokking (understanding) the code C++ code used in this series, you might want to take a look at Intermediate C++ or even Beginner C++ This series is a bit of a Frankenstein. The first several videos will focus on math skills needed to begin the 3D Fundamentals Series. After that, we will change gears and cover some advanced level C++ language topics.

List of Tutorials

Tutorial Number Title Release Date Runtime
0 Advanced C++ Game Programming [Overview] May 17, 2018 5:12
This video talks about the course syllabus for the Advanced C++ tutorial series (the shit we gonna learn). I also talk about how the Advanced series relates to the other tutorial series in the Planet Chili tutorial program.
1 Advanced C++ Game Programming [Line Drawing / Linear Equations] May 20, 2018 37:02
In this video, we learn to draw straight lines (not homophobic) between any 2 points. Seriously though, linear equations permeate pretty much all of the things, so you might as well invest some timemoneybucks into not being utter shit at them.
2 Advanced C++ Game Programming [Transformations / Scaling / Translation] June 3, 2018 23:41+
In this tutorial we learn how to transform our shit. Move it around, make it bigger (no pills or pumps required), flip it and reverse it. And later on we make a camera system to scroll our shit in the world. You're gonna like it.
3 Advanced C++ Game Programming [Dot Product / Collision Physics] June 23, 2018 21:08+
The vector dot product. This saucy little number is gonna turn your world upside down, project it, and other such bullshits. Super powerful math stuff do not missit.
4 Advanced C++ Game Programming [Trigonometry / Rotation] July 18, 2018 16:08+
Why don't you sit on this and rotate? Oh you don't know how? Well allow me to elucidate. Srsly tho, rotation math is pretty damn important shit, so pay attention.
5 Advanced C++ Game Programming [Matrix Multiplication] August 17, 2018 32:38+
Hot take: the Matrix is a mediocre film at best. It's a pretty great way to encode transformations though, so let's matrix it up!
6 Advanced C++ Game Programming [shared_ptr] November 7, 2019 32:38+
Share your resources in grand style with shared_ptr.