Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 12

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Here we learn about the concept of encapsulation (ask your mom where she keeps the Vicodin!), which is the main principle behind object oriented programming (so listen the fuck up eh?). We also learn how to construct shit, and how to make our shit private.

Concepts Taught

  • Encapsulation and data hiding
  • How to create a constructor
  • How do initialize embedded objects (class initializer list)
  • How to control member access (private keyword)


This page has some interesting discussion on why we bother with all this encapsulation bullshit.

Video Timestamp Index

Coming soon!


  1. Encapsulate the fuck out of the Dude class.
  2. Increase the number of Poo objects from 3 to 9.

The solution is given in a future video.


I'll put the starting code here when I get access to it (away from home at the moment). If you have the solution from the Tutorial 11 homework you can use it instead.

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