Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 3

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We learn how to control the flow of execution using if statements, we learn about a new variable type called bool, and we learn how to use the Chili Framework to get keyboard input. All this, plus the dankest memes from 2007.

Concepts Taught

Video Timestamp Index

  • Intro 0:00
  • Homework solution 0:29
  • Sprite origin (base position) 1:30
  • Order of statement execution 5:10
  • Branching (conditional flow control) 6:40
  • if statement / bool type 7:52
  • Keyboard input / objects inside other objects 12:06
  • Function return values 15:55
  • Virtual key codes 17:27
  • if ... else statement 19:33
  • if ... else if chaining 20:35
  • Nesting if statements 22:05
  • Homework assignment 23:48


Using the concepts taught so far, create a program that allows you to position the reticle in one of 9 positions (regular 3x3 grid) by holding the arrow keys, change its color by holding the control key, and change its shape by holding the shift key. The solution is given in this video.

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