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== Video Timestamp Index ==
== Video Timestamp Index ==
[https://youtu.be/P3lpJnm9IEY Tutorial 21.1]
[https://youtu.be/P3lpJnm9IEY Tutorial 21.1]
[https://youtu.be/ZoNCFe9FgG8 Tutorial 21.2]
== Source Code ==
== Source Code ==

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In this three-part tutorial, we take a break from Direct3D api stuff to set up a better system for organizing Drawables and Bindables. Low coupling, high cohesion, and dynamic bullshits for the win.

Topics Covered

Part 1

  • Bindable system (things like shaders, vertex buffers, etc.)
  • Drawable system (things like the game entities that are drawn; they contain a collection of Bindables)
  • Partial protected access inheritance pattern
  • Weird quirk of C++ relating to visibility of protected members in the case of inheritance from a templated class
  • How to update constant buffers using Map / Unmap

Part 2

  • Static collection of per-class Bindable
  • SetIndexFromStatic
  • Sharing cbuffer between instances of TransformCbuf

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 21.1 Tutorial 21.2

Source Code

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