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== Video Timestamp Index ==
== Video Timestamp Index ==
* [https://youtu.be/P3lpJnm9IEY Tutorial 22]
* [https://youtu.be/daKJcSGqrIU Tutorial 22]
== Resources ==
== Resources ==

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In this video we add texture mapping to our arsenal of Bindable abilities. It takes two (Binables) to dance the texturing tango (you need a Texture (view) and a Sampler). We also add some code from previous tutorials for the loading of image files.

Topics Covered

  • Surface for loading images via GDI+
  • Bindable for creating texture and texture view
  • Bindable for creating sampler state
  • Different Sampler settings (wrap mode and filter)
  • Skinning a cube

Video Timestamp Index


Source Code

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