Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 11

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In this tutorial we learn how to draw parts (subregions) of images, we learn how to clip our shit so that it don't go off the screen (or off of any arbitrary rectangle we define in fact), and we learn to draw sprites with transparent pixels.

Topics Covered

  • Drawing image subregions
  • Clipping sprites
  • Drawing sprites with chroma keying (transparent pixels)

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 11

  • Drawing subregions of a sprite sheet 0:57
  • Using a RectI clip object, clip a (subregion of a) sprite 6:45
  • Chili's Dank Meta Nugs - teacher's advice 13:16
  • Code clean up. Have different overloaded definitions of DrawSprite() call the most advanced version with clipping 13:57
  • Implement DrawSprite functions that apply chroma keying (transparent pixels) 15:03
  • Adding operator== and operator!= member functions (comparison operators) to the Color class 17:37
  • Homework assignment 19:00

Source Code

Sprite Repo
Poo Game Repo

Download Materials


The homework is to use the images provided in the above zip file to upgrade the Poo Game to no longer use compiled sprites.

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