Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 18

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Another two-parter here, and we got the real stuff now. Virtual functions allow you to unlock the true potential of inheritance in C++. You need to know this shit.

Topics Covered

Part 1

  • How to create a virtual function
  • Using the override keyword
  • Creating a pure virtual function
  • Using a container of pointers to manage a heterogeneous collection of objects
  • virtual destructors

Part 2

  • Using inheritance and composition together
  • Basic idea of a polymorphic state machine and its application to entity behavior

Video Timestamp Index

Source Code

Inheritance Github Repository


  • Forgot the virtual destructor for class Weapon! (this one hurts)
  • In the children, the function signatures should be: int CalculateDamage( const Attributes& attr,Dice& d ) const override
  • Though not technically an error, it might have been a better decision to make Weapon::GetName() and Weapon::GetRank() (pure) virtual functions (this would reduce the amount of per-instance data to just the vtable ptr)

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