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STD Gems is a series that will introduce useful tools from the standard library in bite-sized (typically 10-18 minute long) videos. The series will mainly focus on teaching the functions from the <algorithm> library, but will also branch off into other areas of the standard library, such as lesser-known containers like std::deque or the different kinds of distributions in <random>.

List of Tutorials

Tutorial Number Title Release Date Runtime
0 STD Gems [Overview] May 10, 2018 4:59

Just an overview of the STD Gems series.

1 STD Gems [Copy / Filter] May 16, 2018 15:24
  • Covered: copy copy_if copy_n copy_backward move move_backward swap_ranges
  • Reviewed: back_inserter make_move_iterator istream_iterator ostream_iterator isupper
2 STD Gems [remove_if bois] May 30, 2018 14:24
  • Covered: remove remove_if remove_copy remove_copy_if replace replace_if replace_copy replace_copy_if unique unique_copy
3 STD Gems [transform for_each] June 17, 2018 16:33
  • Covered: transform for_each for_each_n