3D Fundamentals Tutorial 8

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Here we set up the pipeline that is going to form the scaffolding for our model of the 3D graphics processing. In the coming videos, we are going to be replacing units of fixed functionality in this pipeline one by one with programmable shader stages.


The tutorial video is on YouTube here.

  • Major refactoring, implementing a Pipeline class: Why? 0:10
  • Get rid of a lot of redundancy in the code
  • Introduce a structure to develop specific parts of the D3D10 Graphics Pipeline
  • Effective way to deal with proliferation of effects and settings related to graphics
  • The fixed function pipeline 3:00
  • Code refactoring/implementation commits: start of the walks-through 5:35
  • Implementing Pipeline.h 5:51
  • The pipeline works through a series of nested function calls (representing the stages of the pipeline)
  • The Draw() function 6:24
  • The Vertex type used throughout the pipeline 6:32
  • The ProcessVertices() function. Applies rotatioin & translation transformations 7:25
  • The AssembleTriangles() function. Assembles vertex stream into triangles, culls and passes on triangle vertices (three at a time) 8:06
  • The ProcessTriangles function. Placeholder for the Geometry Shader (implemented later). Creates a Triangle object and passes on 8:47
  • The PostProcessTriangleVertices() function. Transforms into screen space and calls the draw function. 9:42
  • The DrawTriangle() function. Same basic triangle drawing function that splits into flat top and flat bottom triangles and call DrawFlatTriangle with appropriate parameters 10:01
  • Major difference in interpolation approach in the inner rasterization loop. Extended from texture coordinate only to interpolation of the whole vertex. This will be useful later. 10:37
  • Data members of the Pipeline class 11:37
  • Different Scene classes and TexVertex.h removed 12:41
  • Templated interpolation implemented in ChiliMath.h 12:54
  • Adjustments to Scene.h 13:36
  • Adjustments to Graphics.h 14:01
  • All triangle draw functions removed (moved to Pipeline.h)
  • New Cube.h and CubeSkinScene.h setup 14:14
  • Cube.h is made into a wrapper around a static function that returns triangle vertices.
  • CubeSkinScene.h Builds and binds translation and rotation transformations based on keyboard input. All other functions have been moved to Pipeline.h
  • We now have our new starting point from which we can build our 3-d engine with shaders 16:38
  • Up next: a pixel shader


The GitHub repository for the tutorial code is here.

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