ASM and Chill with Chili 1

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In this video Chili reacquaints himself with TASM and x86 assembly, going over the basics of setting up a .asm source file, and calling some system services (BIOS int 10h, int 16h, DOS int 21h). We then mess with some looping and counting, defining some global data and getting pointers (offsets), and then we go all the way in and do some real calculations, fucking shit up real good along the way. But debug.exe has got our back, and we squash the bugs while also showing you guys the machine code being executed instruction by instruction by the CPU, and how it affects the state of the registers and RAM.


Knowledge bombs will go here if there is demand for them / I have the time to jam it in (gurl).


Here is the zip file containing DOSBox and TASM all set up for ya Tool Download.