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This video talks about the course syllabus for the Advanced C++ tutorial series (the shit we gonna learn). I also talk about how the Advanced series relates to the other tutorial series in the Planet Chili tutorial program.

Basic Plan for Advanced

In the beginning of Advanced, we are going to focus on the remaining skills needed to be able to follow the 3D Fundamentals Series. That means there is going to be a lot of math (5 or 6 tutorials worth of it). All the math will still be taught through the lens of C++ code (the code itself will not be particularly advanced though, ironically), and expect a lot of shitty diagrams in Photoshop as well.

After Tutorial 6, you will be able to start 3D Fundamentals, but Advanced will not end at Tutorial 6. Advanced will continue on after Tutorial 6, but it will shift gears and actually live up to its namesake. Expect videos on advanced C++ topics like advanced (multiple/private/protected) inheritance, variadic templates, template meta-programming, std::shared_ptr<> (and std::weak_ptr<>), <filesystem>, <regex>, std::variant<> / std::optional<> / std::any, maybe multi-threading (though that might end up getting its own series), and whatever else I can think of that goes in here.

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Tutorial 0


  • This series will require Visual Studio 2017

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