Advanced C++ Programming Tutorial 2

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In this tutorial we learn how to transform our shit. Move it around, make it bigger (no pills or pumps required), flip it and reverse it. And later on we make a camera system to scroll our shit in the world. You're gonna like it.


Part 1

  • Polyline drawing
  • Vertices
  • Trivial line clipping
  • Translation
  • Flipping across an axis
  • Screen coordinate transformation
  • Scaling

Part 2

  • Camera scrolling
  • Concatenating (combining) transforms
  • Drawable packet design

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  1. Create random starfield in large rectangular region with randomized positions, sizes, and shapes. Stars should not overlap.
  2. Implement scrolling via mouse dragging.
  3. Process vertices in-place (don't use a buffered polyline copy).
  4. Only draw models that appear in the viewport.
  5. Animate the scale (size) and color of stars so that they pulsate.

The Homework solution is here.

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