Advanced C++ Programming Tutorial 6

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Share your resources in grand style with shared_ptr.


Part 1

  • Review of unique_ptr
  • shared_ptr usage scenarios
  • use_count
  • How to pass/receive resources when shared_ptr is involved
  • Comparing shared_ptrs
  • Conversion from unique_ptr to shared_ptr
  • Custom deleter for shared_ptr

Part 2

  • weak_ptr and lock
  • The control block
  • Monolithic make_shared control block optimization
  • Race condition and synchronization
  • Resource destruction with monolithic control block
  • static_pointer_cast dynamic_pointer_cast reinterpret_pointer_cast const_pointer_cast
  • enable_shared_from_this

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Part 1

Identify targets in the Memefighter codebase from Intermediate c++ for resource sharing, implement the sharing with std::shared_ptr, and consider/discuss potential downsides to the resource sharing for each instance of resource sharing. Solution can be found here.

Part 2

Make a simple announcing class, and then use allocate_shared in conjunction with LocalAlloc from Win32 to create an instance of that class that is managed by a shared_ptr with a monolithic control block.

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