Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 11

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References are sweet because they let us control our shit from far away. Remember the days when we had to actually get up to change the channel on the TV? Remember TV? Fuck that shit! Also, const correctness is for big dick gangstas that don't give any fucks.

Concepts Taught

  • References
  • Passing by reference
  • const correctness (redux)

Const Correctness

The use of const as a means of communication by code and as method to prevent you and other people from shooting you (your code / themselves) in the dick is something that Chili finds cromulent. For some info on how const makes your code less shitty, check this. If you're still not sold (I happen to like being a human dumpster fire, thank you very much Chili), here is a video showing how using const can make your code a fuck of a lot faster: cool beans.

Video Timestamp Index

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  1. Move the drawing code for Dude from Game into the Dude class.
  2. Make a second DrawRect function that takes a single point (top left corner) and the dimensions as parameters.

The solution is given in this video.


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