Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 15

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In this video we learn how to use Git source control so that we can suck less at programming.

Git Skills Taught

  • How to clone a repo from GitHub
  • How to browse the commit (change) history
  • How to create a branch at a specific commit point and changing branches
  • How to commit changes to a branch
  • How to add a solution to source control
  • How to create a repo on GitHub and connect a local repo to it
  • How to connect a local repo to a GitHub repo you own when the local is already connected to a remote you don't own (because you cloned from that remote originally, etc.)

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 15


The homework is to find, acquire, build, and run the software shown at the end of the tutorial video.

The solution video is here.


For the homework, it looks like the maintainers of Box2D in their infinite wisdom have removed the .sln file from the source distribution, thus breaking my solution video. Thanks Obama. It can still be done, but you have to follow the build instructions and run a tool to generate the .sln file. I will consider remaking the homework solution video sometime in the future.


Note that you don't need to clone from the Reductor repo like I do in the video (I do that to demonstrate a situation where you don't own the origin repo). You can just use a clone from one of my repos (since you don't have permissions on my repos). Also, when adding a non-source controlled solution to Git, I use a Snek solution I had laying around, but you can use whatever you like, as long as it isn't already being source controlled.

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