Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 17

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In this video we do the timestep thing in the Poo game. That means we measure (with std::chrono::steady_clock) the time taken for each frame, and then step the game's simulation by that amount. We also learn about the using keyword.

Topics Covered

  • std::chrono shit
  • Simple variable timestep algorithm
  • Namespaces, using, and using namespace

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 17


The homework is to modify the Snek game to use a variable timestep.

The solution video is here.


This tutorial introduces a simple delta timestep. It will suffice for where we are at in the tutorial series. There are more sophisticated methods that are better, but also more complicated. I may cover them in a future video. In the meanwhile, if you are interested, check out this link: Fix Your Timestep.


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