Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 2

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This tutorial is all about making sweet ass boxes (variables) to jam your hot numbers into and using operators (addition and subtraction) to add and subtract shit.

Concepts Taught

  • Commenting (adding comments to) code / commenting out lines of code
  • Variables (specifically int)
  • Operators (specifically addition + and subtraction -)

Video Timestamp Index

  • Intro 0:00
  • Homework Solution / Translation Transformation VapeNation 0:20
  • Comments (of the non-YouTube variety) 2:36
  • Variables (specifically int) 4:24
  • const-ipation and const-correctness 9:22
  • Rules for naming variables 10:13
  • Operators (addition & subtraction) 13:55
  • Homework assignment 17:05


The homework for this lesson is to modify the reticle drawing code so that you can change the position of the reticle by only changing two numbers (literal constants) in the code. Make sure you uncomment the lines that were commented, or you'll get a pretty shitty excuse for a reticle. The solution will be given in the beginning of the next tutorial.

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