Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 21

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2D arrays are awesome because they fuckin' let us organize or data and shit. Board games like chess, strategy games like Civilization, roguelikes, RTS games, X-Com... it's all grids baby. Also, time to learn how to circular depend our shit with forward declaration (you should still avoid circ. dep. when possible tho).

Topics Covered

  • Mapping from a logical 2D array to a 1D array
  • Using forward declaration to enable circular dependency by breaking a circular #include chain


Here's an article I found that I like. I like it because it shits in the mouth of [][] multidimensional arrays, which I am no fan of. I maybe wouldn't agree with 100% of what this dude is saying, but it's mostly valid points: fuck MD arrays forever.

Also see this discussion here: Chili talks about [][] arrays.

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Tutorial 21

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Snek Repository


The goal for this video's homework is to modify Snek so that the field can contain 3 things (besides the Snek): goals, obstacles, and poison. Hitting an obstacle ends the game. Hitting a goal will grow the Snek and spawn another goal and an obstacle. Hitting a poison will speed the Snek up.

Other good modifications include: not speeding up the Snek over time or when a goal is eaten (the poison is enough for that) and adding a speedup key that can speed the Snek up to a certain speed (but never slower than its current normal speed).

The solution to this homework is here.

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