Hardware 3D (C++ DirectX Graphics) Tutorial 26

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This video is a bit of a diversion from the graphics stuff to do a little bit of experimentation and brainstorming with data structure and meta-programming. The goal is to replace the functionality of what you can do with the struct keyword at compile time with a system that does the same things, but at runtime, and with reflection capabilities.

Topics Covered

  • Dynamic Vertex Buffer
  • Proxy view objects
  • Perfect forwarding / universal references
  • Template recursion parameter pack processing
  • Template specialization map technique

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Don't worry too much about this stuff. By that I mean, it's an experiment exploring some ideas, rather than a prescription of what should be done. It also means that you don't need to grasp all the content of this video in order to move on afterwards. Keep that in mind. There is a lot of crazy bullshit in this one, and if you let it trip you up and get stuck here you might end up just spinning your wheels.

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