Hardware 3D (C++ DirectX Graphics) Tutorial 41

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Crazy dynamic buffer system that allows you to define a nested data structure at runtime that stores its data contiguously. The self-imposed requirements of dynamism, data contiguity, and clean intuitive syntax add up to one ambitious system that took a lot of elbow grease to implement. Video is broken up into 3 section, you only need to watch to 1st section (16min) to understand enough to continue on with the tutorials without getting lost.

Topics Covered

  • Usage of dynamic buffer system
    • Adding members to layout
    • Creating buffer from layout
    • Accessing buffer members
    • Querying for member existence
    • Getting pointer to member bytes
  • Motivation and Design
    • Motivations (dynamic composition, reflection, automatic padding)
    • System architecture diagram walkthrough
  • C++ implementation overview
    • X macro system
    • Static lookup Map and ReverseMap
    • Overview of each system class

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