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This video talks about the course syllabus for the Intermediate C++ tutorial series (the shit we gonna learn) and the prerequisites for following this series (what you need to know, and what you need to have). Use it to get an idea of what this series is about, and whether you have what it takes to follow along. If you don't know this shit, check out the links below for my Beginner C++ series. Check out the list of topics learned in Beginner for more details on what you need to know to follow Intermediate.

Basic Plan for Intermediate

We're gonna start low level, and work our way up quickly to the good shit. This first arc of Intermediate is gonna be 100% console app land. First comes a little lecture on memory, variables, and the binary number system. Then we cover pointers, c-strings and console I/O, basic file I/O, and heap allocation. This is where we ascend to a higher plane of thought. We will migrate from c-strings and basic I/O to awesome std::string and std streams. While we're on the topic of containers, let's get a taste of std::vector. Then, we'll wrap up the console app section with a fun little word game, putting together everything learned so far in Intermediate.

After the console section, the plan is to learn how to load an image from a bitmap file, and then to cover basic sprite drawing operations, so we can abandon the nasty PutPixel calls once and for all. After this we'll cover more standard library containers, iterators, and algorithms. We're gonna learn OOP concepts like inheritance and polymorphism. We're gonna learn sweet C++11 stuff like lambda functions and move semantics. And we're gonna make more games.

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