Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 24

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Associative containers are super useful, both as a convenient fast way to create dictionary or mapping for real-world problems like managing game resources, and as a data structure to help solve more abstract algorithmic computer science problems. And hash tables are fast as balls.

Topics Covered

Part 1

  • std::map container interface
  • Binary tree data structure
  • std::map key requirements (comparison)
  • std::map gotchas (std::remove_if and const keys)
  • std::set
  • std::multimap and std::multiset

Part 2

  • Hash table performance vs. binary tree performance
  • Hash table data structure
  • std::unordered_map key requirements
  • Hash combining
  • std::unordered_map bucket interface and hashing policy
  • When to choose std::map over std::unordered_map

Video Timestamp Index

Homework Assignment

The homework for this video is to enable use of a custom datatype in unordered_map hashing over multiple (4) members of that datatype. The solution video is here.

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