Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 4

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In this tutorial we tackle the topic of file IO using basic input output functions. We also learn about the basic concept of a stream, learn the difference between binary mode and text mode, and Chili even sneaks in a dank Cypress Hill reference.

Topics Covered

  • Opening a file for reading with std::ifstream
  • Reading with get() and monitoring the steam state with good()
  • Detecting the EOF (End of File) as well as errors in reading and file opening
  • Writing to files with std::ofstream
  • The working directory of the application (where it looks for files)
  • The difference between binary mode and text mode
  • Writing and reading blocks of bytes with write() and read()

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Tutorial 4

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Write a console application where the user can enter a fixed number of data pairs consisting of name:value in the form of c-string:unsigned int. Store the entries in memory, and allow the user to print out a text chart of the entry data on demand. Also allow the user to save the entries to a file and load a file of entries into memory. You may not use any library functions beyond what is already being used in the Intermediate series.

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