Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 8

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std::vector<>: the sexiest of the standard containers. What does it have to do with mathematical vectors? Nothing at all. So why didn't they just name it std::dynamic_array<>? Good question, good question. Next question. Seriously though, std::vector<> is the shit and we are going to be using it all the GD time from now on. Get hype.

Topics Covered

  • Basic std::vector<> operations
  • Concept of template classes
  • Underlying implementation of std::vector<>
  • Managing std::vector<> capacity
  • Pointers to std::vector<> underlying data memory

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 8

Lost Footage

Chili recorded some footage where he shows a concrete example of using std::vector<> in the Database code from the Intermediate 4 homework. It was cut from the final video to keep the length under 30 minutes (Ritalin is expensive in some countries ;)), but you can find that footage here: Lost Footage (I8 Vector).

Source Code

GitHub Repo for Snek


The homework is to modify Poison Snek to use std::vector<>. You will see the light.

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