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The Forum is the heart of the community. This is the best place to ask for help with the tutorials, connect with like-minded programmers and bounce ideas, or just generally shitpost. If you want to talk to and receive a reply from the Chili himself, your best bet is on the Forums.

How to Ask for Coding Help

Coding and troubleshooting help is given via the Forum or on Discord.

Whenever possible, always attach your complete Visual Studio solution with any request for help. Asking someone to debug your code without giving them the code so that they can run the debugger on it is simply not the done thing. The solution folder should be cleaned and zipped before posting it. Alternatively, consider submitting solutions via GitHub.

Cleaning a Solution

Visual Studio maintains a bunch of cached data in the solution folder that pushes the total size to 50 MB or more, and that shit is gonna be too big to share. What you need to do is delete those files before you zip the folder. A properly cleaned solution (without any large files like audio) should definitely be less than 500 kb in size (maybe up to a couple of MB if you got a ton of huge putpixel functions). The following files and folders should be deleted if they exist (some of them will be hidden, so you need to change your windows settings to show hidden files and folders):

  • engine\debug\
  • engine\release\
  • engine\x64\
  • engine\*.shh
  • engine\resource.aps
  • .git\ (this one will be hidden)
  • .vs\ (this one will be hidden)
  • debug\
  • release\
  • x64\
  • .gitattributes
  • .gitignore
  • chili framework

If you are using source control (git), make sure you make a copy of the solution folder before deleting these files, as you will lose your git repo if you do not operate on a copy.

How to Register an Account

To combat the evil spamlords, I put in a weird captcha thing to separate the men from the bots. There are two categories, one on the top and one on the bottom. Shit that sounds good, and shit that sounds terrible (want and do not want). Just drag the list items down (or up) and organize the list into good shit and bad shit. It's that easy. If you're still having trouble, check out this video.

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