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RPG Project Twin is a video series that aims to chronicle the progression and evolution of a game that is far more ambitious than the games covered in the Beginner/Intermediate C++ series. The reason for making this series is to inspire other growing developers to take a chance and start their own projects that have a larger scale, to show how an engine can evolve, and to showcase the skills learned in the C++ tutorials as well as explore design concepts and patterns not covered in the main C++ tutorial series. A major theme of this series is going to be taking chances and experimentation with code. Timid little bitches need not apply ;)

List of Episodes

Episode Number Title Release Date Runtime
0 RPG Project Twin [Intro] 0 October 10, 2017 10:30

In this video Chili outlines general goals and format of the RPG Project Twin video series.

1 RPG Project Twin [Plans] 1 October 13, 2017 8:49

Chili describes the initial ideas for the graphics and gameplay of the game (2D 3/4 view action RPG with twin stick shooter mechanics and roguelike elements), as well as the initial goals for the first prototype. Also, more ranting about overplanning.

Source Code

The source code for the game engine is available at GitHub under the repository "Twin". It will be updated as videos are released to be contemporary with the latest video. Use the tags to navigate the commits and follow along with each video.