Beginner C++ Game Programming Tutorial 20

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This is a three-part tutorial in which we play with our balls. Or something. Anyways, we'll finally put all that vector bullshit to good work doing some physics-y type shit.

Main Concepts Taught

  • Delegating constructors (Part 1)
  • Range-based for loops (Part 2)
  • Semi-fixed (upper-bounded) time step (Part 3)


The tutorial info for the Sound system can be found here.

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 20 - Pt. 1
Tutorial 20 - Pt. 2
Tutorial 20 - Pt. 3


  • Make paddle rebound angle vary
  • Game over when hit bottom of screen
  • Adjust wall dimensions / paddle / size of bricks
  • Draw border to show walls
  • Implement lives system
  • Title screen / game over screen
  • Paddle sprite (not shown in solution video) / brick shading

Solution video: here


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