Hardware 3D (C++ DirectX Graphics) Tutorial 24

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In this tutorial we write our first non-trivial shader program--basic point light pixel shading with specular highlights. We take this opportunity to check out the functionality of the Graphics Debugger (it's pretty dope).

Topics Covered

Part 1

  • Point light class with ImGui controls
  • Single-color per-pixel diffuse shader
  • Graphics Debugger
    • Examining pixel history
    • Stepping through shader code and inspecting variables
    • Inspecting CPU-side call stack corresponding to D3D events
    • Inspecting contents of constant buffers
    • Object history

Part 2

  • Organizing constant buffers
    • Multiple constant buffer binding
  • Specular highlights
  • Constant buffer data alignment issues
  • Graphics Debugger geometry inspection

Part 3

  • Add final drawables (flat-shaded cone and textured cube)
  • Some fun times with ImGui (manipulating cube parameters)
    • ComboBox ImGui widget

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