Hardware 3D (C++ DirectX Graphics) Tutorial 25

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We incorporate the Assimp library into our engine, load a basic mesh, and we also get an impromptu lesson in Git manipulation.

Topics Covered

  • Methods of integrating libraries into a solution
  • Assimp library integration
  • Git ignore techniques and rebasing to rewrite Git history
  • Loading a single mesh with Assimp
  • Assimp postprocessing flags for triangulation and vertex merging

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That sneaky MSVC .gitignore managed to pull not one, but two wools over my eyes it seems. You see, you not only need the .dll for Assimp, but also a small static .lib file that sets up the linkage of functions to the .dll. However, the .gitignore has *something* that made that .lib not be a thing in the repo, the upshot of which is that if you clone the repo and build at the old end of this video, you'd get linker errors. Long story short, I fixed the .gitignore so that the lib will be included, and added another fixup commit at the end of T25's commits. You'll know it when you see it in the commit history.

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