Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 23

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Bit twiddling is a lot of bullshit that is usually avoided when possible because it leads to ass code. Still, it is necessary in various situations, so you gotta learn this shit, and now is as good a time as any I guess.

Topics Covered

  • Bitwise AND (&), OR (|), and shift left/right (>> and <<)
  • Unary bitwise NOT/complement (~) and bitwise XOR (^)
  • Masking with & and combining with |
  • Packing and unpacking smaller data in larger types
  • Bit flags
  • Bitwise arithmetic optimizations

Video Timestamp Index


  • Figure out how the binary string formatter routine works
  • Figure out why x % 16 compiles to x & 0xF

The solution for the problems will not have its own video. Feel free to come on the discord and compare your answers with others, or to ask specific questions if you are having trouble understanding.

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