Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 7

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We finally ditch our janky makeshift chili:: routines and use some real shit here. Standard streams (std::cin / std::cout / std::fstream) are covered, and then we talk about string manipulation with std::string. We'll also cover some other less well-known dank C++ code memes, so check it out. Note that this video is more of an overview / whirlwind tour; it introduces various techniques and gives examples, but don't expect a detailed or exhaustive treatment here.

Topics Covered

  • C++ Streams
  • std::cin / std::cout
  • Insertion << / extraction >> operators
  • std::endl and buffered I/O flushing
  • <iomanip>
  • Cleaning an input stream with ignore() and clear()
  • std::numeric_limits<>
  • std::string
  • OutputDebugString()
  • std::stringstream

Video Timestamp Index

Tutorial 7

Source Code

GitHub Repo for Snek

Other Links

C++ Hardcore Reference
C++ Softcore Reference
War and Peace (warp.txt)


The homework is to modify Poison Snek so that various game settings can be configured by the user by editing a text file. The settings file should be parseable regardless of the order of the settings in the file. The following settings are recommended:

  • Tile Size
  • Board Size
  • Speedup Rate
  • Poison Amount
  • Food Amount

For this homework, you are not required to handle malformed input files, though you can attempt to handle those as a bonus challenge if you like.

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