Intermediate C++ Game Programming Tutorial 22

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In this video we learn how to use C++ exceptions to take our error handling to the next level. There is a lot of fear and ignorance surrounding exceptions among "C++ Programmers", and Chili's goal here is to elevate you guys above the shit-tier level to coders who can actually use this feature to its full extent. The second part of this tutorial will give concrete, practical examples of using exceptions in an actual game scenario.

Topics Covered

  • Basic exception trying throwing and catching
  • Exceptions 'bubbling up'
  • Rethrowing with throw
  • std::exception and its derivatives
  • Polymorphism in exception handling
  • catch(...)
  • Throw by value, catch by const reference
  • Exceptions and destructors
  • noexcept and move constuctors vs. standard containers

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Extra Discussion

I had an interesting exchange with a viewer, and made a bit of a writeup here: essay time.

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